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작품명: 3.305785

제작년도: 2010/2020

재료: 버려진 책상

무엇이 행복의 기준일까?

1 평, 가로 세로 1.8m
3,305785 m2 이거나 3305785 m2 이거나 기준은 당신에게 있다.

학생이었을 때 몇년간 고시원에 살면서 행복하기 위한 공간의 크기에 대해 생각했다.

어느 날 책상이 버려지는 것을 보고 그 상판에 고민의 흔적을 남겼다.
자산 소득 격차가 극명하게 벌어지는 K 자형 양극화와 부동산 빈부격차가 164 배인 현재. 다시 그에 관한 질문을 해본다.


Title: 3.305785.
Year: 2010/2020

Material: Discarded desk.

What is the standard of happiness?
1 Pyeong, 1.8 m (width) x 1.8 m (length).

Either 3.305785 m² or 3305787 m², it depends on you.


When I was a student, living in Goshiwon* for several years, I used to think about the

correlation between size of space and happiness. I found a discarded desk and left traces of those thoughts on its surface.

We are living in a time where the gap between income levels grows significantly creating K‐shaped polarization, and the gap between the rich and the poor in real estate has increased 164 times. I want to ask the same question again.


* Goshiwon is an exceedingly small living accommodation for students, usually in size of 1‐2 Pyeong, less than 3 Pyeong.

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